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Installation is a breeze with DIRECTV. You can sign up as a subscriber over the phone or online, which includes the set up of your account, easy and flexible payment and package options, and an installation date that works best for your home.

Unlike the cable companies, DIRECTV isn't restricted by physical lines that are in your area. All we need is a clear view of the sky and access to a roof to place the dish. We handle the setup for you; from the dish itself, to the home DVR Genie and Mini-Genie, to connecting your television and more. We'll even be there to help you with setting up DIRECTV Everywhere on your smartphone or tablet so that you can take your new service with you on the go.

  • You set the time and date. We'll be there to work around your schedule so that you're never left wondering whether or not you'll be able to do anything with your day. With cable, you can often get left hanging around the house, when you've got more important things to do. With DIRECTV scheduling for installation, we'll be there when you need us.

  • Installation is fast and easy. No changes will be need to be made to your home. There's no heavy equipment to install, no wiring installations that require extensive work, and nothing that will damage your home or cause a mess. We'll keep the entire installation process stream lined and clean.

  • We can walk you through the entire thing. We don't just install our service and let you figure out the rest; our technicians are also trained in customer interaction and in answering questions that you might have about your DVR, setting up your universal remote, or even hooking up your sound system. We'll be there to get you connected, and not just to our satellite network.

  • All costs are included in your package. There's no additional or surprise fees for installation. Everything is up front, and you'll get plenty of information on your monthly package billing well ahead of time so that you know exactly what you're paying for. The cable companies like to hide installation and equipment fees in your bill, but DIRECTV's always clear, just like the quality of our broadcasts.

Sign up today and become a DIRECTV subscriber to find out just how easy and fast the installation process can be. Cut your cable, and in as little as 48 hours, we could get you connected to America's #1 satellite network.

DIRECTV Installation Day: Things to Expect During a Typical Installation

There are many great reasons to consider DIRECTV as your satellite TV provider. Besides the fantastic television and movie packages to suit your entertainment needs, we also provide the most comprehensive and free installation process. You don't have to worry about climbing ladders to install a satellite dish onto your roof or to run cables to your equipment. Our certified technicians will perform the work to get you hooked up quickly to ensure you have the best connection. Let's breakdown the installation of your DIRECTV equipment.

Before the Installation Day

Before our DIRECTV certified technician arrives, you should get written permission from a landowner if you rent an apartment, condo or other type of rental unit. This process ensures that there will be no difficulties with the property owner when we attach the satellite dish to the roof or wall of the home. If you live in a homeowner's association community, you should also seek out written permission prior to the installation day.

Day of the DIRECTV Installation

We will require someone to be in the home on the day when our certified technician arrives. It doesn't have to be the homeowner if you are working that day. It could be a neighbor, relative or friend who is 18 years of age or older. We will also need access to your television so we can connect our cables. So all furniture or other possessions should be cleared away from around the television.

Our certified technician will come to your home and will first install the satellite dish on your roof, balcony, wall or other location. You may specify a location, yet the technician will need to set it up in a place that has an unobstructed view of the southern sky and is within 100 feet of the television it will connect to.

The technician will run a cable (up to 125 feet) from the DIRECTV satellite dish to a receiver (or receivers if you are connecting more than one television to our satellite service). Then the technician will run upto a 25-foot phone line. Our DIRECTV system will then be connected to your existing equipment as our technician will ensure you are receiving a strong signal. Before finishing the installation, our technician will provide a quick demonstration of your new equipment and assist you with activating the service.

With DIRECTV installation, you are rest assured that all your equipment is hooked up and running properly. Increase your entertainment opportunities with DIRECTV. Call us today to get started.

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