In order to receive cable or fiber optic internet services, the service provider must have lines ran out to the location, and there is no way around that. Unless there is a surge of new population to the area, the odds of them running those lines are slim to none. Unless of course you are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get it done. DSL lines typically run out farther than cable or fiber, but the sad truth is the farther that signal has to travel, the more it will degrade. What?s a business owner to do?

Exede, being a satellite technology, does not rely on physical lines, but on a clear view to the southern sky. No matter how remote the location, provided electricity is available and there is a clear line of site, Exede can typically provide a high speed internet connection. Better still, in most markets Exede can provide a download speed up to 15 Mbps, allowing you to do what you need to do online.

Our consulting professionals are at the ready to assist in determining how much data any business may need based on the types of activities being done online as well as how many users and devices will be connected. 3 persistent IP addresses come with each plan by default, allowing for the monitoring of security cameras or connecting to certain cloud based software. Let's see how Exede stacks up against the next competitor:

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