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At up to 15 Mbps download speed, Exede Internet has been designated best-in-class, and is identified in FCC reports between 2013 and 2015 as consistently delivering on advertised speeds. This independent testing confirms that Exede delivers at or even above the speeds you pay for.

  • Exede Redundancy

    Maintaining an adequate internet connection is essential in today's day and age. When a business utilizes technologies that require an internet connection to function, and those technologies are an essential piece of internal operations, being without a plan for redundancy just isn't option.

    There are insurance policies to protect equipment in case of damage, generators to prepare for power outages and data back-ups to ensure information isn't lost during a system failure, but what about when the internet goes down? Exede Redundancy is the solution to staying connected and being protected.

  • Causes of Outages

    Cable and Fiber Optic internet services are lightning fast and typically maintain a quality internet connection throughout the work week, but there are many ways these services can be interrupted.

    Hardware Failure - It doesn't matter what kind of technology is being used, hardware can be fallible. A power surge may knock out the modem, or it may fail due to old age.

    Human Error - This scenario is one of the more common factors of internet outages. An employee may spill coffee on the modem, or worse a construction worker may cut the line. This is particularly detrimental if using a hardline service like DSL as the redundant service because both lines are typically ran through the same trench.

    Natural Disasters - A lightning strike or fallen tree can bring down cable or fiber optic services for days. Although extreme weather may have a minor effect on a satellite signal, the outage would be measured in minutes or seconds, rather than days or hours. Thinking some rain will bring down a satellite connection is a common misconception.

    Rodent Attacks - As hard as it may be to believe, the fact is that rodents love chewing on wires. Don?t be caught without an internet connection at the hands of a squirrel.

  • What's to lose?

    Revenue, Production, and a Positive Customer Experience. All of these are cornerstones of successful business operations. Whether it be one, or all three, if such losses can be avoided they should be

    Revenue - Things are all running smooth, until the internet goes down. Credit cards aren?t being processed because the machines need an internet connection to confirm if the transaction is approved or denied. Maybe some time-sensitive materials need to be sent to a client. Every minute you are down, cash flow is lost. Never has ?time is money? been a truer statement. The cost for the redundancy internet can be completely offset by retaining revenue that would have been lost.

    Production - The team is working on a project performing research on prospective clients. When the internet goes down they are dead in the water. Phone's operating on a VoIP system? Not if the connection isn?t there. Always keep things in motion with a redundant internet solution.

    Customer Experience - Although this is the most intangible area of loss, it does carry the most weight. A customer walks in to your establishment for the first time. They only have their card on them and with the internet not working their business cannot be accepted. The customer leaves frustrated, possibly never to return. Worse still is the potential of negative word-of-mouth coming from them and further damaging the businesses good name.

    No modern business should be without a redundant internet solution. An ideal solution is the route of Exede's Redundancy for its mass availability, affordability, high-speeds and lines separate to those of hardline internet service. Give yourself some peace of mind, stay connected and be protected. Call for details today!

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Unlike many cable or DSL services, 8 out of 10 U.S. households can get our fastest service today. So if you think you're stuck with slow internet forever because of where you live and that your current provider will never bring better service to your home – think again!

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Exede has the speed you need to do what you want on today's internet: stream music and HD video, load webpages super-quick, video chat and lots more. Find plans in your area

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All Exede Internet plans have a price guaranteed not to change for three years. With plans starting at just $49.99/mo , you can get great internet service at a price you can afford and a bill that doesn't change with the weather.


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