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DIRECTV Local Channel Listings for Adairville

Functionality and Versatility in Television Channels

Everybody knows that you love the entertainment that is found with your television programming. It is one way to relax after the daily stress you have to endure. Let DIRECTV offer you abundant channel choices and incredible picture quality so you can be truly comfortable on the couch. With DIRECTV technology and features, you get the functionality and versatility that can only be provided with satellite television communication services as DIRECTV is leaving other companies behind in the dust.

With a Wave of the Remote, DIRECTV Genie Will Give You Every Television Wish

Do you want enhanced television features that allows you to watch multiple shows on a single HD DVR? Or perhaps you are looking for the ability to watch shows that you recently missed up to 72 hours in the past? Genie can provide you these desires and so much more. With the DIRECTV Genie, you never miss a minute of great movies, shows and sports games as your entire family can watch whatever they want to see when they want to see it. The technology offered by the nation's #1 satellite television communications company is something that you have to see for yourself when ordering DIRECTV services.

DIRECTV - Video Entertainment Provider in Adairville, Kentucky

Watch What You Want Wherever You Are

You might think you never have a free moment to just sit down on the couch and relax in front of the television. If you are a person who is always on the go, take your shows and movies with you with the DIRECTV app features. Now you can stream shows and movies to your smartphone or tablet devices, control what shows you want to watch on the television screen when talking into your phone, and record your favorite shows even when you are not at home. You see more and get more when it comes to television entertainment after ordering DIRECTV.

Enjoy More from Your Television

Customer representatives are waiting to help you pick the right television entertainment packages and technology when opening an account for DIRECTV services. Start binge-watching your favorite television channels today.


Get Cutting Edge Entertainment with DIRECTV


Learn MoreDIRECTV Genie DVR availabe in Adairville KY

Happy home with Genie HD DVR, our most advanced system ever. The whole house can enjoy watching live or recorded shows in any room. You can even watch outside with the Wireless Genie Mini. No more conflicts makes everyone happy!

Genie Mini

Learn MoreDIRECTV Genie Mini DVR in Adairville KY

More options means more fun! Manage recordings and watch live in multiple rooms at once, even outside, with Genie Mini. Can't decide? Watch two shows at once on the same screen! You can have up to 8 Genie Minis connecting to one Genie HD!


Learn More4K video available in Adairville KY

For the best in viewing entertainment, only DIRECTV offers 4K. You get the best resolution out there for watching live action, movies and more. Check out 4K On Demand and the great offers for upcoming MLB this year!

Sports Mix

Learn MoreAdairville KY has DIRECTV sports mix channels

Keep up with every game, race, and match with DIRECTV's Mix Channels. Incredibly, you can watch up to 8 sports programs on one channel! DIRECTV brings it in awesome HD so you are always part of the action.

Sports Packages

Learn MoreAdairville KY has DIRECTV sports packages

Hey, sports fans! Be part of every play with DIRECTV. Whatever the ball, whichever the race, DIRECTV brings it to you live. Only DIRECTV brings you NFL Sunday Ticket and the best in sports packages you will love. Call #toll free today to score the best deal.

Premium Channels

Learn MorePremium Movie Channels in Adairville KY

Movies, movies, movies! DIRECTV gives you premium choices like you have never seen. Get the DIRECTV HD Extra Pack and enjoy 9 premium networks including MGM, Universal, MTV Live and many more. Get a variety of premium networks, too! That's entertainment!


Lock in a 2-year DIRECTV deal including all monthly fees for HD DVR service in up to four rooms when you bundle. In addition to streaming your favorite shows on any screen,1 enjoy local and nationwide digital home phone services with crystal clear sound. What's more, when you bundle your AT&T wireless and DIRECTV, enjoy your favorite live and recorded shows and movies wherever you have a mobile connection, data free, with DATA FREE TV.
Entertain and connect with bundles from DIRECTV.
*Usage, speed & other restr's apply. Data charges may apply for download and usage. Coverage and service not avail everywhere. Plan will include Stream Saver. See below for plan details.

DIRECTV + AL&T wireless

Did you know someone switches to DIRECTV every 9 seconds?

Based on reported net TV basic subscriber data for Q1 2015-Q4 2015

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    $50.00/mo. Plus taxes. For 12 months.

    For 12 mos. w/ 24-mo. agmt.



    $55.00/mo. Plus taxes. For 12 months.

    For 12 mos. w/ 24-mo. agmt.



    $60.00/mo. Plus taxes. For 12 months.

    W/ 24-mo. TV agmt* Regional sports fee applies in certain markets. Reg. Price $111.00/mo.

  • XTRA


    $70.00/mo. Plus taxes. For 12 months.

    W/ 24-mo. TV agmt*. TV agmt. Regional sports fee applies in certain markets. Reg. Price $118.00/mo



    $75.00/mo. Plus taxes. For 12 months.

    W/ 24-mo. TV agmt*. TV agmt. Regional sports fee applies in certain markets. Reg. Price $128.00/mo.



    $125.00/mo. Plus taxes. For 12 months.

    W/ 24-mo. TV agmt*. TV agmt. Regional sports fee applies in certain markets. Reg. Price $181.00/mo.