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How DIRECTV Stacks Up to the Competitors and Still Comes Out on Top

How DIRECTV Stacks Up to the Competitors and Still Comes Out on Top

DIRECTV Leaving Cable and DISH Behind in Services and Price

It's great when you have so many different choices when it comes to obtaining television programming. Having these options allows you to compare pricing and services packages so you get all the desired channels at the best rate that fits into your budget. It is for these reasons why so many people are making the switch over to DIRECTV.

With DIRECTV, you are getting the great range of television bundles through incredible satellite communications technologies at rates that will leave you breathless. Regular cable and DISH service simply can't compete at the same levels as DIRECT TV. Need proof? Let's compare all you will get from DIRECTV versus cable and DISH so you have a better understanding on why so many people are making the switch and never looking back.

DIRECTV Versus Cable

When it comes to cable, people simply don't want to deal with the wires, unpredictable reception and limited service when there is so much more superior television technology available with DIRECTV. Then tack on DIRECTV's infallible customer service, and people are enjoying the best satellite Internet wherever their home is located. With DIRECTV, people are getting all their favorite sports channels including NFL Sunday Ticket and features along with being able to watch 8 live games all at once.

In addition, people can also connect up to 8 wireless televisions up to one single HD DVR without compromising picture quality or service, as well as obtain DIRECTV's incredible customer service that is #1 in the nation for providing customer satisfaction. Cable simply can't offer the same television services or customer service.


You may think that every satellite television service provider is one and the same and they will all provide you with the television programming you desire. Yet when you compare DIRECTV to DISH, you can see that DIRECTV simply offers more than DISH ever could with it comes to channels, quality programming, and features. Don't get basic programming when you can get the ultimate entertainment packages with DIRECTV. DIRECTV provides you with 8 wireless TV connections to their HD DVR, which DISH cannot provide. Also, you can binge-watch your favorite shows as episodes will play back-to-back without having to do a single thing. In addition, you obtain 200+ HD channels as you can see what will air in the next 14 days so you can better plan what you want to watch, and you can watch missed shows that have aired 72 hours ago even if you didn't record them.

DIRECTV is Your Destination for Superior Entertainment!

Tune out the inferior services offered by cable and DISH and tune in to all the entertainment possibilities provided by DIRECTV. Call today to select the best packages at the great rates that you deserve.

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