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DIRECTV – Why It's A Better Choice Than DISH

DIRECTV – Why It's A Better Choice Than DISH

Before DIRECTV Satellite TV, you had limited choices. There was the old 'rabbit ear' antennae where you could barely receive local channels or you had expensive cable. Not much of a choice. Satellite TV has broken the barriers. Let's compare the choices now:


DIRECTV understands you want your local news and local channels first and foremost.

-DIRECTV offers all local channels in every package no extra charge. -DISH charges extra (built into price) for local channels.

Packages and Price

DIRECTV and DISH each offer 6 plan packages. -DIRECTV offers more TV for the money. DIRECTV packages give you more channels for less money and offer more HD channels. -DISH charges for local channels and has less HD channels.


-DIRECTV provides more sports coverage in HD. Exclusive to DIRECTV is NFL Sunday Ticket* and Nascar Hotpass* Along with, Sports Pack, MLB Extra Innings*, NBA League Pass, Grand Slam Golf, Grand Slam Tennis, NHL Center Ice* ESPN Full Court, ESPN GamePlan, MLS Direct Kick, Fox Soccer Plus, Cricket Ticket, and much, much more! -DISH has a few sports channels: Fox Soccer Plus, Multi Sport, NBA League Pass, ESPN Full Court, ESPN GamePlan, MLS Direct Kick, NHL Center Ice – and that's all.


-DIRECTV provides up to four additional receivers at no charge. -DISH charges $7 per month starting with 2nd receiver.

Customer Satisfaction

DIRECTV is rated #1 in customer satisfaction. With more movies, more channels and easy bundle options, DIRECTV is the clear Satellite TV choice.

Save Energy, Save Money - Some Simple ways to Save

We all need to save money, so why not do something that does not take a lot of work? Here are some simple tried and true ways to reduce energy consumption, reduce wear and tear on your hardware and appliances, AND save money!

Turn it off!

Remember the days when your parents yelled at you to turn out the lights? Well, they knew what they were talking about. If you turn off your PC when not in use, you save 150 watts per hour! That means 3600 watts per 24hrs! It's easy to do this by plugging your system into a power strip and just use the power strip button to turn off your system. Using the sleep mode or power management feature on your computer can save you up to $30 per year according to ENERGY STAR* estimates. If you have multiple computers in your home, that really adds up Not only do computers use electricity even when 'shut down', but many other common household electronics and appliances do, too. TV's, DVD players, and stereos are just a few. Using a power strip is very helpful in taming these energy users as well as using Energy Star rated technology when possible.

DIRECTV Offers ENERGY STAR* Rated TV Receiver!

It's true! DIRECTV has implemented over 40 million of these ENERGY STAR- qualified receivers in homes throughout the U.S. The Whole-Home HD DVR, Genie* is the newest DVR product from DIRECTV. The new product operates with one HD DVR server that transmits to a thin Client box for each additional television. This new Client box uses less energy than the old receivers. DIRECTV found that a 3 room DVR setup, with the new Client box vs the old standard receivers, will reduce receiver energy consumption by 25%.

Use your Cell Phone

Use your Cell Phone Save power by using your cell phone's Internet access when you just need to look up information. Since your cell phone operates with battery power, it is often the most energy efficient device in the home. Saving energy in simple ways saves you money!

New Car Technology - The Must Haves

Finding the right car with all the bells and whistles you want can be a daunting task! Here is a list of some of the best safety and convenience technologies that are must haves for today's driver!

Adaptive Headlights - a huge step up from the old fixed frontal headlights. These headlights adjust the beam brightness and angle. Very helpful on winding country roads at night and to keep from blinding oncoming drivers.

Adaptive Cruise Control - a step up from our grandparent's cruise control! Adaptive Cruise Control uses radar or laser sensors. Automatically adjusting the vehicle speed in relation to the vehicles around you keeps you from having to constantly turn it on and off. And it can help you avoid a collision.

Automated Collision Notification (ACN) Many car manufacturers today, offer this service as part of the car's infotainment system. The ACN system is triggered by specific events such as air bag deployment. Some systems place a call directly to the vehicle first and others call directly to emergency services. In either case, this system can be a life-saver.

Backup Sensors Many accidents are caused by the difficulty of backing a vehicle. It is difficult to see any object out of your line of visibility and even more difficult to detect something that moves behind your vehicle such as a bicycle or animal. The display in the car is much easier to view for those with limited mobility. Backup sensors and cameras are extremely helpful. They eliminate blind spots and some even have night vision.

Just for fun… When you have bored kiddos in the car, remember you can take DIRECTV with you on your phone or tablet. Just add the DIRECTV Anywhere App to your tablet or phone and watch DVR recordings, DIRECTV On Demand, or even watch live TV like Disney or Nickelodeon. Many of the latest cars are WiFi equipped so you don't compromise the comforts of home on those long trips. Take your favorite TV wherever you go with DIRECTV Anywhere!