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Exede delivers reliable, high-speed Internet for almost every location in the continental United States. We deliver custom tailored Internet services that are perfect for both residential and commercial buildings along with dedicated customer support professionals that can answer your questions.

ViaSat, the provider of Exede Business, has long been at the forefront of innovation around the world. ViaSat is a leader in the satellite communications industry and focuses on delivering fast Internet services to customers all over the country. The ViaSat-1 satellite that powers Exede holds the world record as the highest capacity communications satellite ever launched. This type of technology allows Exede to provide best-in-class speeds, keeping you connected. Whether Exede is protecting businesses from Internet outages, or providing a connection to those hard-to-reach rural locations, Exede has you covered.

Exede Business is Your Key to Success

More than just another Internet provider, Exede has innovated with:

Incredible availability.

Some satellite Internet providers offer a portion of areas that can receive a connection, and land-based Internet services tend to leave a majority of the United States without coverage entirely. Exede Business service is focused on providing the most locations with the highest quality connectivity possible, unlocking the potential that thousands of businesses may have otherwise not been able to capitalize on. When working with multiple locations nationwide, it is a true headache to deal with dozens of providers in an effort to provide service to every location. Exede is the solution, simplifying setup and billing processes by being the single point of contact for providing service to most if not all locations. 15 Mbps service is subject to availability.

A higher class of customer service.

With 7 days a week customer service that will be there when you need it, Exede also recognizes that customers, both residential and commercial, need to be able to rely on their Internet provider for assistance, repairs, and replacements, and they can't afford to wait for weeks to get it. That's why we've also taken the extra step in thoroughly training and updating our standards of customer care on a regular basis. We're never happy until our customers are happy.

An eye toward the future.

With the increase in the amount of data being transmitted in this digital age, there needs to also be an increased focus on the capacity and bandwidth involved in bringing customers their data of choice. Whether it is attending webinars, uploading marketing content, or managing customers through a cloud based database, Exede customers need to have options that can keep pace with the changing landscape online.

Without Exede, many customer can find themselves in frustrating situations at the mercy of their cable or fiber provider, or even worse, having a connection with speeds that were "cutting edge" two decades ago. No modern business should be without a backup service in the event of an outage from their hard-line provider, or suffering from snail-like speeds in rural markets. Exede makes sure that everyone, regardless of their location, will get the internet connectivity they expect in the 21st century, with speeds of up to 15 Mbps available to about 80% of the population with Exede Business.

To find out more about how great our service is, or to learn more about our new packages and promotional offers, just order by phone and we can get you started. You could be connected in just 3-5 business days.

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