About H&S Antiques

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, H&S Antiques is a haven for designers, shoppers and antique lovers alike.  They love browsing through our beautiful shop which is brimming with large statement pieces as well as unique decorative accessories including porcelains, tapestries, inlaid boxes, candlesticks and so much more.  

Owner, John Grafe started in the business as a teenager and created one of New Orleans top antique stores  “Appartique.” He has created an equally amazing collection in Charlotte. With his knowledge and sense of style, he has become a go-to advisor for many of Charlotte’s top interior designers.

Pieces have been imported from England, France and Italy with a few American and Chinese pieces mixed in.  It’s a never ending adventure because new shipments are constantly arriving.

We take pride in our knowledge and amazing selection of quality antiques in the shop. Browse our selection of many wonderful one of a kind pieces.  We will be happy to ship directly to you.