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Exede Business

Up to 15
Mbps Download Speeds

No Hard Data Caps

Persistent IP
Addresses Included


Fast Internet Options

With up to 15 Mbps download speed, Exede Business is the solution to keep your business connected. Have more than one location? No problem! With wide availability, Exede Business has got you covered!

  • Wide Availability

  • Affordable Services

  • Quality and Reliability

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Available in Your Community

Unlike many cable or DSL services, most U.S. businesses can get our fastest service today. So if you think you're stuck with slow Internet forever because of where your business is located and that your current provider will never bring better service to your business – think again!

Award Winning Technology

Exede has the speed you want to do what you need on today's internet: Communicate with clients, run POS systems, perform market research, monitor security cameras and much more.

Stay connected, be protected

Exede Redundancy offers peace of mind in the event of an internet outage from the local cable or fiber company. Retain revenue, maintain production, and ensure a positive customer experience.


Exede Business Internet is Available Virtually Anywhere!

With Internet Services available coast to coast, and many points in between, Exede Business fills the gaps and delivers the high-speed internet service your business can depend on. Cover multiple locations with only one provider and simplify internal accounts payable processes.

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